In the end, our society will be defined, not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy
– John C. Sawhill

Source Point was established in March 2015 for the sole purpose of playing a part in the solution of our environmental and in the same breath, humanitarian problems. 


We focus on environmental based problems, assess surrounding resources and devise solutions in collaboration with surrounding communities based on their own intrinsic connection with the environment, in this way preserving the environment by building on indigenous knowledge systems.


Our approach allows for holistic growth of both community and environment and therefore fosters sustainability.


All our projects focus on the interplay of environment and humanity and how the well-being of the one intimately influences the other.


We try to solve problems by identifying a singular cause, and devise solutions thereto with the aid of surrounding communities based on their own knowledge systems and heartfelt relationships with the environment.

Additionally we stimulate individual sustainable economic incentives in harmony with the environment, in this way empowering communities based on their latent environmental cultural attributes so as to facilitate positive change.

Latest Project


Save-A-Sidewalk, is a project aimed at cleaning and greening roads and sidewalks in the residential Warrenton area. The project is based solely on the fact that one’s surrounding environment has an undeniable effect on one’s inner well-being, and one’s inner well-being an effect on one’s outer world.

With this project we hope to change the morale of the Warrenton community. Beautiful environments tend to attract and create beautiful people, and beautiful people tend to create beautiful environments.

This project aims to demonstrate that cleaning something as simple as a sidewalk can have a measurable effect on well-being.


If you are passionate about environmental conservation and believe in the intricate interplay between the environment and humanity why not support our cause?

Get Involved

We would love to hear from you! Share your ideas about how you think small environmental changes may cause larger changes in community consciousness/perspective regarding environmental conservation or talk to us for inspiration on your own projects!