Help us, change the well being of the environment by changing the well being of communities!

Banking details

First National Bank

Acc. Type : Business Cheque

Acc. Number : 62598937400

Branch : Warrenton

Branch code : 240401

PBO Tax-deductible donations

Source Point is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and has been granted tax exemption status in terms of section 18A of the South African Income Tax Act No. 58, offering you or your business the opportunity to deduct your donation amount from your taxable income, supported by the necessary section 18A receipt.

Please contact us for donations of this nature as we will require your particulars to furnish a valid

Tax-deductible receipt.

Your generous support will help fund projects like:


  • Cleaning and greening (Changing morale by changing space, changing space by changing morale)

  • Promotion of social cohesion in a diverse and complex South African landscape

  • Preserving environmental heritage

  • Awareness creation and promotion of indigenous knowledge systems

  • Creation of recreational parks

  • Promotion of rural to semi-rural artists, crafters and artisans

  • Promotion of public art

  • Promotion & establishment of SMME's in rural communities

  • Tourism promotion

  • etc.

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